Welcome to the website of Scott Metcalfe - Toronto based piano and keyboard player, composer, arranger, producer and educator. Have a look around, watch some videos, listen to some samples and check out some shows. Email him on the contact page for more information.


"In the 5+ years I've known Scott, he's been one of the most skilled and professional musicians I've ever had the pleasure of working with. His talent level is elite. He thrives in every facet of piano playing, no matter the style or genre. From classical, to jazz, to rock, to R&B and beyond. He has an uncanny knack of just knowing what to play and when. 

His harmonic sense is flawless. His ability to hear a musical passage and transcribe it, literally within seconds, is an invaluable asset to the company, as our repertoire is constantly evolving from one event to the next.  

On a personal note, Scott is very caring and compassionate. He's incredibly amicable and humble, especially given his immense talent. A very rare breed of human being, especially in this line of work.  

I HIGHLY recommend Scott for anything even remotely musically related."

Vince Bertucci - Symmetry Studios

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